09 Chevy Silverado Accessories and New Improvements

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09 Chevy Silverado accessories are updated compared with the last model. There are many improvements for 2009 model as well as plenty choices of engine. The buyers will like more powers, better performance and more economical fuel consumption for this model. The buyers also have an option to get the hybrid model. Updated features will complement the finish touches. This car promises more than the previous model can offer including for the competitors.

Chevy Silverado is more powerful and comfortable. This model also offers a wide choice for configuration and body style. It is even said that this model is the prime choice of all other full-size pickup. It has been refined for a very quiet ride. It has solid finish and fit for the inside. The seats are very comfortable including for the long drive. This car is completed with comprehensive list of the safety features. New technologies are also equipped to complete the features.

The interior design of Chevy Silverado is refined. It has the look of ‘pure pickup’ interior. That is for WT and LT trim. For LTZ trim, this model has luxury-inspired interior design. There are more than enough rooms inside. It means the interior space is roomier. Even for the back seats are comfortable with its roomier space. More features are added inside including for the dashboard design. Once you drive it, you will feel very comfortable and quiet. This car has an excellent improvement inside.

For the outside, you will see a muscular pickup design. You can look at the handsome design for the horizontal grille. There are some options of the bed length too as well as the body styling. The buyers can select the pickup model as what they really want either from the style or body size. There are some colors too to pick. From the front to the back, this car offers stylish look compared with the previous model. There are more features added to finish the muscular look.

It is not only for the 09 Chevy Silverado accessories that are impressive but also for the plenty option of engines. First, it is equipped with 4.3-liter V6 engine. It is able to produce 195 HP with 4600 rpm and torque 260 lb ft in 2800 rpm. Second, it is with 4.8-liter V8 engine and produces 295 HP with 5600 rpm. It is also equipped with 305 lb ft of torque. Third engine is 5.3-liter V8 Flex Fuel engine. It generates 320 HP at 5200 rpm and torque 340 lb ft at 4400 rpm. Fourth is with 5.3-liter V8 engine and boosts 315 HP at 5200 rpm. Torque is 338 lb ft at 4400 rpm. The last is with 6.0-liter V8 engine. It makes 367 HP at 5600 rpm and torque 375 lb ft at 4300 rpm.

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