2016 Camaro SS Specs: Lighter, Yet Viciously Powerful and Strong

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You must be very careful, yet glad, too, if you see the new redesigned 2016 Camaro SS. Why? Well, one of 2016 Camaro SS Specs is that it kills the road only in 4 seconds in 60 miles per hour! Besides, what makes people more enthusiastic for the release date is that it is announced that this new car will have smaller and lighter platform. It will also come with four cylinders in the decade for the first time! Of course, there will be some updates, improvements, and changes made to this redesigned car.

Talking about its engine specs, there is no worries since it will be equipped with 455 horsepower, automatic 8-speed transmission, and 6.2 liters V8. It will go faster in only 4 seconds in 60 miles per hour and attains   0.97 G of side grip.  It will also sprint a quarter mile in only 12.3 seconds in 116 MPH. of course, by looking at these engines specs, how the best performance the New 2016 Camaro SS has.

But, there is also version in which it has manual 6 speed transmission. It is going to do 0 to 60 mile per hour in only 4.3 seconds. It is going to run only in 12.5 second at 115 miles per hour in quarter miles. It will possess turbocharge which can contain 2.0 liters and the turbocharge is having four cylinders engine. It will be better for 5.5 second automatic transmission and 5.4 second manual transmission. Plus, it is equipped with 275 horse power engine. It will make the car possible to run only in 14 seconds in quarter miles with, you can choose whether automatic or manual transmission.

The automatic will be at 100 mile per hour and the manual ones will have trap speed of 1 MPH. What makes it wonderful is that though it has smaller engines, but the engines still do well. New 2016 Camaro SS is going to hit market place with its four cylinder model which swanks the lateral grip in 0.85 G. it means that rather than the automatic, the four cylinder will work better for its power train because it is faster with manual transmission.

You need not to worry about its safety. One of 2016 Camaro SS Specs is the safety mode it has. It possesses electronic stability controller, 8 airbags that are standard, and crash response system which is automatic. There are also some improved technology such as magnetic ride control that is first available on the Camaro SS and three driver modes that are selectable.

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