2016 Toyota FT 1 Specs: What Will It Be?

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Even though Toyota has not yet announced the specifications and the concepts of the F1, some experts of car have guessed the 2016 Toyota FT 1 Specs including the engine. The basic model of this car is rear drive and a coupe. Though again, Toyota has not yet informed to public about the specifications, but car experts have predicted based on the clues.

Toyota has informed that this sport car is much influenced by Toyota long coupe tradition which means that it includes such as Supra, Celica, and generally recent coupe like Scion F-RS and FT 86. So, if Toyota says so, we can conclude that it will not be a Nissan GT-R Competitor and such Acura NSX. The concept of the car is greatly influenced by the sport car which is aggressive, amplified for awe and shock, and track focused concept for the car.

It is predicted that it is neither Supra nor Celica for the matter of muddies when being in the water. It is a truly track focus sport car. It can be said also that it is a magnificent touring coupe that is never built before. And it is surely in the first list for its generations. So, after that prediction, some experts then conclude that it is not becoming a right GT, if the new concept of FT 1 is focusing on the track sport car. So, the possibility will be harder edged coupe

The looks, what about the looks? Well, it is predicted that the front looks is inspired by Formula one coupe. It means that it is aggressive and protuberant nose. It is such stunning and attractive combination of sensuous and aggression design. The sweep and the headlights back to the top of the glass engine coat. This car is like all sport classic car line.   Special for this car, it promises that the speed will not to be an inoperative boast. ‘

Talking about the interior design, now we come to the cockpit. It is astonishingly simple and modest. Looking at again to the focus of the car’s concept, it will reinforce the feeling in which this is not only a show car. You will get imagination touches just like the steering wheel which has been piped down to the knob. And what makes 2016 Toyota FT 1 Specs become more stunning is that you will get an experience of racing driving feeling and situation with tremendous fields of visualization.

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