5 Reasons You Must Have Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS

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Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS is not produced anymore. The last version is in 2005. Therefore, you will not find this car in the showroom with shiny skin. Otherwise, you will find it in the used car collections or showroom. If you are planning to have it, you are so right as the 5 reasons here will make you be sure. First, this car is very rare. This car is rare due to the exotic supercar type. Impreza 2.5 SR was produced during 4 year and it was delivered to the customers by 14,000 units. If you have one, you are so lucky.

Second reason, Impreza 2.5 SR is the most iconic car ever made by Subaru. If you ask one who was born in ‘90s, then you ask him to describe the look of Subaru, then he would likely give you the picture of Impreza. This car has a very iconic look. Even, if you don’t know all cars made by Subaru, if you are asked, you will answer it with the look of Subaru Impreza. Even, this car becomes a legendary as it cannot be replaced by its appearance.

Third reason, it is about the AWD system that is very fantastic. Years ago, before electronic differentials and torque vectoring were trending, the fantastic solution was introduced by Subaru. This carmaker has ingenious idea to make the car cornering without hilariously under-steering into something that can be dangerous. It is because of the Symmetrical AWD (All Wheel Drive). This system lets the torque come from engine evenly split between rear and front axles.

Fourth reason to buy Impreza 2.5 SR is because the versatility. This car is an efficiency car that can save much energy. This car was made for thousands of miles. So, if you want to go a cross-country trip, this car will go excellently even if you should come back due you forget a thing. Fixing this car is not expensive as the parts are easily accessible. You can get the aftermarket support rivals too that is made for Honda, Toyota or Nissan.

The last is about the engine where it takes WRX/STi engine. Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS has 2.5 liter engine for the stock. This engine can produce 165 HP. This power is still impressive even to compete with the newest car today. Besides that, you can upgrade the engine into more powerful one if you want. It is because this car welcomes a modification from all aspects.

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