Behind the Bentley Emblem: History & Meaning

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Bentley Emblem has its own history and meaning just like other carmakers’ emblems. You know, from the emblem we can easily recognize the carmaker. So, each carmaker has different emblem although each of them may have changed the emblem for several times. For Bentley, it has wings as part of the emblem. It starts from the history of the manufacturer that built aircraft engine in WW I. Besides wings, there is letter ‘B’ that refers to Bentley. It is clear enough to recognize the letter.

What is interesting here is the amount of the feathers that can be same and different for both sides. For example, you can look at the vintage cars that have 13 on the left and 14 on the right. Derby cars have 10 and 11. Crewe cars have 10 for each side and many other more. The logo itself has the meaning of ecstasy, classicism, celebration and grace. This makes Bentley keep the meaning of the logos although they have created some different logos for the various car series. You can look at the car by model year to see the differences.

However, although there are some changes, we can still easily recognize the logos as long as all of them still have the main parts such as wings and letter B. So, there is no big difference for the wings and letter B. The designers only enhance the look to be more stylish without removing the meaning and history that are presented on the wings and letter B. For the letter B, there is no other meaning except for Bentley while for the wings, it has some. It can be the history of the carmaker, speed and powers.

Shape of the emblem is also typical. You may have seen several changes of the Bentley emblems. The two flying wings can signify the carmaker’s oblique as well as become a proud claim remembering Bentley focuses on both speed and power. Even, without the real wings, the car such has them to get the amazing speed. You will see the letter B has circle in various ways. It keeps the classic look to always remember the history of the carmaker although there have been different ways to show the emblem.

Besides the shape, what you can see from the Bentley Emblem is the colors. There are three main colors to the emblem. They are silver, black and white. White color symbolizes purity and charm. Black color shows superiority and elegance. Silver color reflects perfection, sophistication and creativity. This could be mean for the products as well as the character of the manufacturer. This is all what you need to know about the emblem of Bentley.

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