Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity and Specs You Might Not Know Yet

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In case you haven’t known about Chevy Colorado specs with its towing capability, here are some explanations for you about Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity and specs. Some people believe that the diesel of Colorado is the cleanest engine ever that is made by General Motors. It is also reported as the deliverer of fuel economy which beats that of the gasoline power produced by Colorado. Some people say that its capacity to tow is not as exciting as they have expected, but some also say that it is promising.
The Colorado obtains 20 MGP city and also 27 MPG Highway with 2.5 I4 LVC. If it is rated at 24 MPG Highway and 17 MPG city, it is with 3.6L V6 LFX. Talking about its diesel, it is available in Z71 trim rank and LT trim level, four and two-wheel drive, and crew cab configuration. Many experts believe that it can overlap the versions of 6 cylinders of GMC Sierra and 2014 Chevy Silverado. It is because it comes with full-sized engine, 3.6 V6, and six-foot utmost bed length.
However, if driver chooses the version of four basic cylinders, it is kind of alternative choice to a hatchback or economic sedan. It has 2.5 liter basic in line and in four cylinder form. This car is also paced at 200 HP; it is coupled for a choice of an automatic or manual six speed. It’s also good to presents moderate acceleration since it is happily unobtrusive and quiet when it works.
The Colorado has electric control steering which is typical across the program. Commonly, it has an option with four wheels drive, and also disc brakes with four wheels that is long lasting rotors and it is standard, too. This car rides on a wholly boxed frame coming with coil face suspension. The electronic operation power steering is weighted very well. The suspension system makes the coil coat front shocks and exist rear axle.
Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity is around 7,700 pounds or 3,492 kilograms. There is a case reported that there is a man who tries to tow a Mercedes on top of a car trailer by using Colorado. As said that it is rated to tow more or less 7,700 pounds, then behind the car is a car trailer that weighs 2,210 pounds and above it, it is a Mercedes with 3,957 weights. So, in 6,167 pounds, this car is loaded up to 88% of the maximum capacity it promises.

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