Chevy Cruze Coupe: Is It Possible or Only a Rumor?

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Many enthusiasts expect Chevy Cruze coupe will be released soon as well as the new Cruze has been introduced to come by 2016 model year. For the latest model year, it seems hard to expect Cruze will come in coupe while the carmaker has announced it comes as sedan with four doors. However, the small size, more refinements, solid structure and more space make the next generation of Cruze much better than the previous model. But, there is still a chance that the coupe will be released.

What you need to be sure is that the coupe design will absolutely have different look for both exterior and interior especially for the exterior design. It is not only reduce the number of the doors from four into two while the look, lines, grilles, shape and everything about the car is same with the 4 door model. No, there is no such way if the carmaker wants to get a success for the coupe version. So, it is still far to imagine how the look of the coupe will be as long as the carmaker has not yet confirmed even for the concept.

But, for the new model of Cruze, we can look at the refined interior design. The body design is lighter and even more rigid. For the body size, it will be larger and it means there are more rooms inside. It has more powerful engine with excellent look from both inside and outside. Advanced technologies are equipped. There are a lot of new and updated features equipped to support the comfort of driving. Overall, new improvements added for both inside and outside look really amazing.

Under the hood, you will find Cruze is equipped with new engine that ensure both powerful performance and better fuel efficiency than the last model. 1.8 liter engine that is equipped for the last model will be replaced with 1.4 liter twin turbo 4 cylinder engine. This engine has aluminum cylinder block and also head where it can cut the weight. As the result, the HP jumps from 138 to 153 ponies. Torque also increases significantly from 148 to 177 lb ft. The acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is 8 sec.

For the date release and price of Chevy Cruze Coupe has not yet confirmed. However, we can get the clues from the price of the 2016 model year sedan with 4 doors. For the Cruze L manual is $17,495 while Cruze LS manual is priced at $18,995. Cruze LS automatic is at $19,995, followed by the Cruze LT automatic model that is priced at $21,995. The highest model, Cruze Premier automatic is priced at $23,995.

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