Datsun 280Z: Perfect Choice for Every Classic Cars Collector

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Consider having Datsun 280Z can be a good idea for every classic cars collector who wants to augment their collections. Well, it cannot be denied that classic cars always have a place in some people’s heart, right? Apparently, when you talk about this Datsun classic car, it is guaranteed that you will fall in love with it. It is so because as a classic cars collector, you will have many reasons to love this old yet beautiful and elegant Datsun car.

The 280Z was manufactured and first introduced publicly by Datsun. The purpose of this Datsun car production was allegedly as a solution towards emission laws problem occurred to the 240Z and 260Z. Aside from that, Datsun also added some new features which the 240z and 260Z do not have to the 280Z. In the 280Z you can find a fuel injection feature make this car becomes better in engine performance. Yet, some people say that the 280Z performance looks similar to the 240Z.

Next, this car is equipped with overhead cam inline-6 as its engine. Then, the displacement of the 280Z is 2754 cubic centimeters. The engine of the 280Z can produce 8.3:1 compression ratio and 149 at 5600 RPM. Also, the 280Z engine combined with fuel injection Bosch-type L-Jetronic fuel supply makes this car to be able to reach 163 lb ft at 4400 RPM and 17.3 seconds at 81.0 MPH. As for the 280Z transmission, you will find 4-speed manual with optional 3-speed automatic.

After talking about the performance of the 280Z, it must be very attractive for you to talk about its physical as well. You can tell that this car owns rear-wheel drive layout. Subsequently, Datsun also completed the 280Z with Independent MacPherson for its front suspension and Independent Chapman for its rear suspension. The 280Z has 2.875 pounds curb weight and 90.7 inches wheel base, and the tires size of this car is 195/70-14.

This beautiful car has 173.2 inches total length with 2+2 or two seats. Well, another reason why you should consider collecting this Datsun car is that because the shape of this car is such a goddess. It looks very gorgeous! You can drive the car and be the center of attention. All you need to do is to spend around $4.000 to $6.500 for a car without modification. But, if you want something fashionable rather than the original, you may also find Datsun 280Z with some modifications at markets.

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