Ford Bronco Raptor Concept, Exterior, Interior, and Engine

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Ford is now preparing to release its newest version of Ford Bronco Raptor. Let us review this most popular car currently. For the racer or car lovers, talking about the specification of the car including the interior design, exterior design, performance, and also the latest price of the car will be the most interesting thing for them. So, what kind of car is that? For you who never hear or never know about the car, find what are interesting of the car here.

It has been long time for seeing particular vehicle of Ford realization. The newest car launched is the series of 2016. It is actually specific car. Now, after waiting for quite long time, you can see the real car and now, we will discuss the car in more details. The first point is about the concept of the car. From its outer appearance, we can see that the car looks like city car. Yea, it may the concepts of the manufacturer that want to create an off-road car with the look of city car.

How about the exterior design of the car? Like what have been mentioned before, the car has the look as the city car. It is big car with big capacity. The car can be best used in the highway. This car can be good for family car and SUV also. It can take about five passengers inside and also certain type of cargo. For the choices of colors, it has some choices like pale white, grey metallic, and also black. The other colors like red and blue are also available.

How about the interior design of the car? For the car interior design, it is different for the 2014 concept. It has two pairs of headlights, dual lights of LED, and also the fog lights. There is large grille in the front. It has large cargo space and also cabin so it can give comfort to the passengers whatever the road types. The simple dashboard is completed with touch screen which is larger and also navigation with satellite base. There is also infotainment system inside.

The last topic to share about Ford Bronco Raptor is the type of the engine. There are three engine options. They are the engine of 5.0 lt Coyote V8 which can produce 420 power output, 5.8 lt or the engine of 8-cylinder which can produce 662hp power output, and also the engine of Powerstroke V6 with 4.9 lt. It can produce 330 horsepower power output.

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