Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Exterior, Interior, and Price

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Do you need new sport car to accompany you in all your daily activities? If what you need is the stylish and sturdy car, the answer must be Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. What kind of car is that? This model is American-made car. This is actually sport car with stylish exterior and also interior design of the car. Now, let us find the details specifications of the car and find whether it is suitable for you or not.

Actually, this model is not really strange for the car lovers. Indeed, when it is about the variants of the high performance notably the model of SRT8, it is always on the higher top of the choices. How about the exterior design of the car then? For the exterior design, it is completely stylish. It comes with headlamps which are infused with pipes of LED lights. Its front fascia comes with the vents which are larger for the cooling mechanism and also the air flow.

For the changes that can be found in this type, you can find only subtle changes. It has larger tires and also brakes, smoked glass of the headlamps, and wheel flares which are actually bigger and also painted in the color of matte black, and also the body kit which is lighter. For the choices of colors, you can find white, black, grey, and also metallic red colors. It means that you can choose the one that you like and match to your own style.

The next point is about the interior design of the car. The newest design of the car is the 2016. The interior design of the new type vehicle also has the same treatment with the other models. It is expected that the steering wheel become the unit of flat bottomed. Meanwhile the rim is little bit thicker. The seats of the car are leather upholstered. There are heating and cooling system for its seats, the U-connect system with navigation, and also the system of upgraded stereo. It is actually aggressive car that is expected by racer or the sport car lovers. That is why you should consider owning this car.

The last one is about the price of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. Talking about the price will always be interesting topic. What we are going to share to you is the price of the latest model of the car, the 2016 model. How much should we pay to have the car? The price of the car offered is about 15.000 USD. Do you think that the price of the car is quite affordable for you?

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