Mercedes G65 Exterior, Interior, and Specification

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Are you familiar with Mercedes G65? Well, actually this model of the car is very famous since Mercedes is considered as one of the most favorite cars in the world. Not only this type but also almost the other types of Mercedes are loved by car lovers. How can it be? It is because the luxury and also the high quality of the car that make it becomes the most stylish car.

The exterior design of the car is very stylish with masculine look. The AMG façade apron is very masculine also. Besides that, you can also find the radiator grille of AMG with the chrome grille and lamella e which can give the amount of the power of this vehicle. To emphasize the statement, the front fenders of the car wear V12 biturbo. The other things can be found are the wheels of light-alloy, brake calipers which are painted in red, and also the stainless steel exterior including the cover of the spare wheel and also running boards which are covered by stainless steel.

The exclusivity of the car exterior comes from the choices of the colors also. What are the choices of the colors available for the buyer? At least you can find eleven color choices of this type of the car. For the G 65 AMG series, you can find it in black to mystic blue. If you wish to have the uncommon one, mystic red and mystic brown are available for you.

Well, let us move to the interior design of the car. For the interior design, you can find comfortable interior design inside the car. The uniqueness of the car’s interior are the exclusive fittings, functional controls, latest technology, and also the details of hand-crafted that can ensure the luxurious and the comfort of the car. The design leather clad in black color, instrument panel, the stainless steel door ills, and also the sporty character can really characterized the extraordinary car.

The last one is about the performance of Mercedes G65. The top speed of the car is actually 230 km per hours with electronically limited. The acceleration for 0-100 km per hours is 5.3 sec. The type of the fuel is super plus, and the fuel consumption for the MIN urban is 22.7 l/100 km. For the fuel consumption of extra urban, it is 13.7 l/100 km. The CO2 emission is 397 g/km. Its efficiency class is G.

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