Some Excellent 2015 Hyundai Genesis Specs

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If you are talking about luxurious sedan with midsize body, you must consider Hyundai Genesis 2015. To get to know this new release ride, it is better to find out Hyundai Genesis Specs. It is intentionally designed in purpose to attract BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi would be buyers if they are entering Hyundai showrooms. Though Hyundai Genesis 2015 does not possess prestige and luxury so much like its rivals, it is equipped with so much luxury and specs. 2015 Genesis specs include its excellent values, cosseting cabin, and other numerous high features. So, what is new and change about 2015 Genesis compared to its predecessor?

Actually, this is only the powertrains that are carried by 2015 the New Genesis. It has been redesigned for the last couple years to be the fresh new model. Even, it is a note for people in the Northern, there is an option of all wheel drive which is now offered by 2015 New Genesis. This car offers also a package for its buyers. One example is quietly and clean competent back-wheel-drive package. It is also filled with technology and comfort feature. The design and the style have been improved to be more sophisticated, too.

If we are talking about its exterior design, there is an elegant discreet because of its gorgeous 6-flat hovering grille. It is also equipped with 6 windows greenhouse which are streamlined, trapezoidal headlights, and simple but still pretty dashboard which is combined with sensitive controls. The dashboard is made by premium materials such as lusterless wood trim. You need not to worry a lot about the passenger’s space. It is ample and it comes with back-seat that gets full sixed sedan.  It is also completed with additional like heated and also air seats.

What about the system as interior design? Well, it is equipped with navigation system which is high-definition and sound system that is Lexicon 7 encircle. This creates a truly expensive feel for the passengers and the driver of course. The technology it possesses also includes telematics service which is called as Blue Link. This is created to provide voice note messages, download, and web search.

Not only that, other 2015 Hyundai Genesis Specs incorporates mechanical collision notification to tell the driver about traffic, restaurant, hotel, gas station, supermarket information nearby, and weather information, too. What makes it awesome is that this can has feature on the system of measuring CO2 that is produced by humans and it increases the humans’ flow of fresh air when levels of CO2 are high to stimulate drowsiness.

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