The Variants of Mini Cooper JCW to Choose for Best Performance

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Just in case that you are among the fans of high performance cars, the Mini Cooper JCW could just be the one for you to choose. The JCW itself stands for John Cooper Works that signifies the association of the Mini Cooper cars together with the racing legend of John Cooper. It has been started from 50 years back at the time that the original and first version of mini was built and developed to race. Surprisingly the car was so great that it could even win the Monte Carlo Rally three times back then. This is a clear proof that it is a performance car for sure even until today.

Today you can get your hands on one of the variants that are offered under the name of JCW. One of the choices is the hardtop version of the Cooper itself. This one is a car with its ability to reach 60 mph from 0 mph within only 5.9 seconds. The peak power of 228-horsepower is a staggering power to be delivered by a compact car. This car is even considered to be the most powerful Mini of today. Do you dare to handle it?

Another type that you can choose is the coupe version. Aside of its difference in its appeal, the car itself has different power. In this type you will only get the maximum power of 208-horsepower. It can still be considered as a fast car without having to pay a lot for the fuel bills. It also offers a speed-sensitive spoiler, Brembo brakes, and also Dynamic Traction Control system to guarantee great handling under any circumstances. You should expect to pay at least $31,900 to bring it home.

The convertible is another version available for you. Having its starting price of $35,850 that you have to pay for this car, you will get its twin-scroll turbocharged engine in its 208-horsepower of maximum power. Aside of being fast, this car is considered to be a fun car to drive under the legendary name of Mini.

There is still the roadster version of this car that has its starting price of only $36,250. Having pretty similar specs to the convertible, this one is also a great choice for you to enjoy fresh air along your drive. Moreover you can still consider the countryman and also paceman types of the Mini Cooper JCW with pretty high performance for a more authentic rally experience.

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